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We connect dots between history, symptoms and test results for data driven, tailor made nutritional care for individuals and healthcare practitioners for better health and disease management, saving time and improving outcomes.

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Adigo Atabo

Dr Adigo Atabo

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As a certified functional medicine practitioner passionate about thoroughly understanding clinical data, for each patient that Dr Adigo has seen, she has spent tens of hours connecting dots between history, symptoms and lab results and obtained impressive clinical results.

However, the process has been so complex and time consuming that Dr Adigo has had to see fewer and fewer patients and charge more and more in order to keep going. On an unsustainable path, Dr Adigo was faced with a dilemma to either offer a less rigorous service or to change direction altogether.

But, having been a consultant in the software industry alongside her medical career, Dr Adigo saw that the data analysis could be automated, so she decided to build a web app to do just that, saving time and allowing her to see more patients, and help other healthcare practitioners do the same.

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